Buy With A Personal Service

How To Buy From Us


Currently we don't have a traditional online shop that you add items to a basket and pay.  Don't worry we can still sell to you without you coming along to one of the events we are attending.

Send us an email with what you would like, Music presentation, Film presentation or if there is something else just tell us what you are looking for.  We will email you back with information and pictures of what we can do.

Film Presentation - tell us the film you would like and the budget or format you would like, check out the Film Presentation section to give you some ideas, and don't forget we can do one off displays which range from £60 to £110 including postage.

Music Presentations - These are all £40 including postage, just tell us the artist and if you want a particular track.  Remember that all of the records and CD's are genuine so we can't do modern presentations on 7" vinyl and if it is something obscure it may take us a little time to track it down.